Friday, July 22, 2011

5 Months

What a whirlwind it has been the past week! I was hoping to upload pictures today as I am sitting in my quiet house (explanation later), but the computer is being funny. So, maybe tomorrow!! But, I will give you a the scoop on what's been happening at the Brinkmeyer household this past week!

First and foremost, today Kendyn turned 5 months old...ALREADY!!! I know, it seems just like yesterday I was going in for our scheduled c-section and welcoming him into our lives. He has brought so much joy and laughter that having two really makes us feel "complete" (although I keep telling Justin I wouldn't mind just one more)! He really changes from day to day and he has grown up so fast! Among other things, he LOVES to laugh, smile, play peek-a-boo with his sister (the other day when we were coming back from Grand Island both of them got to giggling so hard tears were rolling down their faces), eat his toes, roll over, cuddle with his "lovey", and interact with anyone that comes in contact with him. One thing that he despises, which we learned real quick on our vacation, is being in his car seat. One would think that the motion of the car would put a baby in a sleep transe...nope, not him! I told my hubby that if we were going to do a long road trip again in a car we may need to look at getting a van where we can be more mobile and accessible to the kids (and I am kind of ready for a mom-van anyways)!

So, back to the "whirlwind" of the all started on Friday evening (and in retrospect, if I think back, it probably has been going on for awhile just never put two and two together).

Friday night was our Prescott Summer Festival and about half-way through the festivities I wasn't feeling good. The past couple of weeks, any time I ate, I had a tummy ache (which I thought was either an ulcer or heartburn...oh how I was WRONG)!!! Well, Friday night came and went with the pain continuing and waking up Saturday morning, I thought I was coming down with the flu. Justin headed to work, leaving me behind with the kids. Around 10:30 I was in so much pain I could barely walk, hold Kendyn, sit, nothing felt comfortable.

I broke down and called the hubby around 11:45 and told him that I needed him to come home because I thought this may cause for a trip to the ER. So, I made a call to my OB and talked with the doc on call...his thought was maybe a hernia (since exactly two years ago on our anniversary, the 16th of July, I had exploratory surgery of my abdomen and with the recent c-section, probably could be it) and suggested I head to the ER. What??!! Again??!! There must be something about July 16th that my body just does not agree with!!

Luckily we have a great friend here who came and rescued us around 2:00 to sit with the kids while we headed there and gradually, as you would think, the pain continued to get worse and worse. I give a shout-out to the BRYAN LGH ER staff because they were wonderful and got me checked in right away, had the on-call doc come in and look and if his eyes could tell a story, pretty sure they would. He looked at Justin and verbatum asked him, "Has your wife's belly button always been this big and purplish/blue looking?!" Needless to say, both of us weren't sure what to say (because it really is a body part that I don't look at because quite frankly, after having two children and two c-sections, it's kinda hard to see)! With that being said, Justin and I talked and I told him to head back to work because who knew how long it would be before things started rolling and happening (this was about 4:00).

Well, after having to drink the lovely contrast liquid for a CT scan, the ER doc on-call making a phone call, I went in for emergency surgery for an incarcerated/strangled hernia at 6:45!!! Unfortunately, Justin and the kids didn't make it to the hospital in time to see me off and give me kisses (which was probably the hardest part)! I lost it in the operating room when they told me he had just gotten there and would see me after I woke up. I asked if he could at least come back and give me a was our anniversary, for goodness sake. But, wasn't going to happen.

So, after two nights in the hospital, being scolded by the ER doc for waiting this long (I guess it could have turned out to be a ruptured hernia if I had waited any longer), no more than Ibuprofen 800 for pain meds, not being able to work at summer school for a week, my gracious coustins taking the kids in the morning so I can rest....I am home and doing well...although I do feel like I have had another c-section!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

What A Week!!!

Here are some random shots from vacation. I am too tired to take the time to organize and comment on every picture tonight...fussy baby who is teething and trying to unpack are the priority right now (as well as preparing myself for teaching 4 weeks of summer school starting Monday). When I get a chance later this week, I will post more pictures with details. These are just a few of the week's events! :) Enjoy!