Tuesday, March 23, 2010

10 on Tuesday

I am ONE TIRED MAMMA!!! Kayin and I have been cleaning and organizing like fools today but let me tell ya', it FEELS GREAT!!! Although a trip someplace during break would have been nice, we are spending some MUCH needed time around the house with daddy!!! We made a "to do" list about a month ago consisting of what we wanted to accomplish during my week "off". After today, there is a sense of "aaaaahhhhh" due to my OCD and "MUST HAVE ORGANIZATION" around here!

10. Report cards are FINISHED!!! Just one more round to go (it seems so unreal that we only have one more quarter this year)!

9. Passports are underway--got pictures taken, paperwork in and now are waiting patiently! 2 week vacation in Canada can't come fast enough--ready to introduce Kayin (and myself) to several members of Justin's extended family!

8. I have been wanting to do something for Kayin's bedroom...so, this is what we worked on today...
First and foremost was putting bedding and blankets into some storage bins in her closet. I also organized her clothes--not showing ALL of them...and took out fall/winter and getting ready for spring/summer!
These first two pictures are what we started with....notice the location of the bed as well as her dresser (they will change)!!

This is the new location of her dresser...we still need to hang up her "Kayin" bow holder to the right...the green vase with white polka dots was a bargain at Hobby Lobby (had a little chip on the bottom, barely noticable, but was 40% off and then I asked if I could get another 25% off due to the chip...sure enough....$16.99 vase for $7.00)Here is her NEW HEADBOARD!!! Got the idea from a fellow blogger that I follow and let me tell you, it was super easy! Downstairs, in Kayin's play area, we had done a project with blank canvas. Well, instead of buying new ones, we decided to hang pictures up and re-use these! The fabric was on sale as well as the velcro...I think for the total project -- $18.00!!!
Kayin even got into helping me hang them up!
7. Hoping that bringing this little guy out will help Spring "hop" out of Mother Nature!
6. Worked on organizing the basement, especially Kayin's toy/play area...found these lovely gems at Target (although Walmart in GI had them cheaper, came to Lincoln to buy them and the Walmart here in Lincoln didn't carry the brand!!!) Anyhow, the last thing that needs to be done is take pictures of what is inside of the bins, label and voala...instant organization!!!
So, this is what her new area looks like...without the little knick knacks on the top of the storage bins as well as her new pictures that we are hanging up--Love the new space now!

5. Kayin made this suncatcher a couple of weeks ago at "M's" house...LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! Just a paper plate with a hole cut out with clear contact paper covering-then the kids loaded on the cut tissue paper!! Can't help but display this one on the dining room window!

4. Our washing machine is on the fritz and the laundry keeps piling up...I am thinking about taking a trip to a laundromat--although, it's a DISTANT THOUGHT!!!!
3. Justin scored on the birthday--he has been such a great guy this week and has been treating me to little odds and ends (washing the car, letting me sleep in, making the bed after he gets up, unloading the dishwasher...just to name a few)
2. Wishing Aunt Mimi and Uncle Jerry a Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary! She emailed me and tells me it's 92 degrees at the Ozarks...told her to bring some of that weather up here with her when she comes back!
1. I am treating myself to a haircut tomorrow...not sure how short I will go, but definitely getting some major highlights!! (Can you tell I am ready for SUMMER???!!!) I am sure I will post pictures!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy Early Birthday to ME!!!

Justin and Kayin had a secret hiding and mommy didn't even know it! Justin had a friend (E) come over and do Kayin's hair. Sporting her braids and bows, the two of them headed over to the studio and had some pictures taken! Completing the surprise was showing up at school with a framed portrait!! LOVE YOU!!!

Blowin' Kisses

Enough Already!!

As many of you know, we live in Nebraska where the weather is so unpredictable! Just when we thought the snow was over, a little dusting came down last week! So, Kayin and I did a little fashion show to help the weather along a bit!
Gotta love these green GAP shoes Justin found at Once Upon A Child!! Match perfectly with the outfit!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

10 On Tuesday

1. Didn't I just get done with report cards??!!

2. Can anyone say...SPRING BREAK??!! (We start officially at 3:38 on Friday afternoon and that day can't come fast enought right now)

3. I have started writing a to-do list of what I want to accomplish not only here at the house but also at school during break. I know it seems a little crazy for a teacher to be spending some of her time at school during break, but it will allow me to spend the upcoming weekends with my daughter rather than feeling like I need to be spending time at school!

4. Speaking of which, looking at the calendar, can't believe our lil' Punkie Doo will be turning 3 in about a month!! Where did the time go??!!

5. We are starting to plan her party...it's gonna be a BLAST!!

6. I have two more sections of report cards to enter and then I am DONE!!! Hoping to be finished before break.

7. Love, and I mean love listening to Kayin say her bedtime prayers and adding all the "extras" she wants to pray for at night.

8. Kayin just told me, "Mommy, I'm not going to tell you our secret, even if you ask!" Apparently her and daddy have something planned for mommy's birthday!

9. Looking at the calendar for the summer: 3-day class in June, week long conference in June, 2-day training in June, 2 week Canada vacation in July (in conjunction with our 5 year wedding anniversary), a 3-day class the end of July, and possibly starting my Master's Program the first part of August! For those of you who think that teachers must have it "easy getting three summer months off", I challenge you to prove it!

10. I am hoping to upload some pictures of Kayin in spring like clothes tonight...this weather needs to CHANGE...and SOON!!!!