Friday, September 26, 2008

Her Own Little Personal Bathtub

Today, Justin was holding down the fort as he had the day off. After school, I get a phone call from him with what has to be yet, the Kayin story that tops it all so far! I guess he was working on the computer and after awhile, didn't see or hear Kayin in her play area (which is about 20 or 30 feet from the computer). So, he went looking...and what he found was our lil' dolly STANDING with both feet in the toilet just splashing away in complete darkness!!! Luckily, she managed to keep her dress on, quite surprising, I know considering her past record! Unfortunately, she's kind of like Lydia, my cousin's little girl....too fast for the camera! I may have to reinact this one just so we can have proof later on in life!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

I'm Too Sexy for My Dress

Apparently she didn't want to wear clothes today at Steph's. She sends pictures like this on a daily basis and it never amazes me what my child will do next!

Monday, September 8, 2008


As a surprise for Justin, I really wanted to get the bar done and in tip-top shape for our first Husker away game party. Gary was a real trooper and helped me all day on Sunday! If you look real close between our before and after picture, you will notice the gold trim has a new look. This took a little longer that expected....all that taping and prep-work! Gary picked up some signs for Justin and we refurbished some shelves we had here at the house. This was definitely a task, but if I must so say myself, doesn't it look GOOD??!!

Fun Time with Grandma and Grandpa Brinkmeyer

We were fortunate to have Justin's mom and dad come out and visit for awhile this past weekend. Gary has AMAZING packing skills and was able to get a lot of Sharon's garage sale finds to fit in the car. Two of which are Kayin's new slide and her little tricycle. As you can see by the pictures, she has it figured out how to go down on her belly and thoroughly enjoys spending time outside!

Go Huskers!!

Who knew our daughter would please the crowd by her dance moves??!! This little girl, I'm tellin' ya', had the time of her life "tailgating" and dancing before the Husker game on Saturday. She got many looks and lots of "oooohs" and "aaawwwhhhsss" as she was showing off her moves. And who could forget the coordinating bow from Aunt Mimi?? Kayin loves to go down and listen to the band, people watch, and tailgate. I think we have a true Husker on our hands!! She is makin' her Great Grandpa Bumgarner proud! Now all we have to do is get her to say "GO BIG RED" and "GO HUSKERS", which I might, she is pretty close at both! Grandpa Brinkmeyer got some pictures with her and "Der Veiner Schlinger" which I will post when they arrive!!

Our New Pet

JUST KIDDING!!! Upon visiting with my brother and his dad, Justin noticed a ferret running around our neighbor's yard. The nice man he is, Justin walked over to find nobody home. Don't worry, this wasn't their pet, but we were just worried it might find a way into their house. But oh no, the little devil found its way into our GARAGE!!!! Luckily, Justin and his dad captured the little critter and we found its owner (after calling animal control and freaking out a little bit asking if we cared to keep it overnight until an officer could get dispatched)!!