Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A List A Mile Long

We are leaving on Friday for the Ozarks/Branson for a week. I continue to keep a running record of what needs to be done before we head out on Friday morning....of course the OCD in me keeps everything on a day to day basis but after my "list" got sabatoged today by a couple of things, I figured I would just keep a tab on what nees to be done.

1. Meet up with Mom to drop Harper off to stay in Grand Island and have puppy play time with Player.
2. Write the grocery list for the trip.
3. Go to the grocery store.
4. Make a trip up to Sam's Club.
5. Go to either Target or Walmart to find some cheap sundresses.
5. Vacuum the downstairs.
6. Vaccum the upstairs.
7. Dust the downstairs.
8. Dust the upstairs.
9. Make sure in Kayin's bag we have extra "princess underwear" as well as Pull-Ups for overnight (although she has been doing pretty good so far)!!
10. Clean out the cars.
11. Vacuum out the cars.
12. Clean out the garage (getting ready for a going away party for some of our friends the week that we return).
13. Clean and check the pool chemicals.
14. Finish up ALL THE LAUNDRY.
15. Finish packing the suitcases.
16. Load up the cooler of food we will be taking with us for on the road and the week we are there.
17. Pay some bills....ugh....dreading this!
18. Write Nebraska Furniture Mart a letter regarding their customer service flaw.
19. Make Ramen Noodle Coleslaw before we leave.
20. Possibly pick some fresh green beans from the garden before we leave.
21. Change the oil in the Toyota.

I am sure there might be more, but this is what I can think of at the moment. Good thing Justin has the day "off" tomorrow...gonna be pretty busy!

Saturday, June 27, 2009


Okay you bloggers out there...I got everything to change except our family header and the posting "bar" under the post....any suggestions as to how I can change those??? Tried playing around with it today and can't quite get it figured out!

We've Grown Up

We all know that furniture can be expensive and we kept putting off purchasing a new couch (actually, I don't think Justin and I ever bought a new couch....thanks to my giving brother)! Fortunately, Justin received a bonus this year and we were able to purchase NEW FURNITURE!!! We took advantage of the sales at Nebraska Furniture Mart in Omaha the beginning of May and took the plunge. I think we left Lincoln around 10:00 and didn't leave the warehouse until almost 4:30. Once we had finally decided on the couch we liked, the sales representative informed us we had to pick out the style of the pillows...WHAT??!!! It took us about three hours to find the couch and now we had to figure out the cushions??? We had to both give and take a little bit, but this is a before and after picture of the livingroom. As you can see, we also bought a chaise lounge chair (this was my give after telling Justin that the big screen t.v. was going to have to wait....)

Show Me Da' MONEY!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

One of my FAVS


Nana came up to visit us and babysit for a couple of days while I had class. As you can see, they had a fantastic time in the pool...such a shame this kid doesn't like water, huh?!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Professional Photo Shoot

We were fortunate to have a friend of Justin take some professional, out of studio pictures of Kayin. Some of these are the true Kayin shining through!! She has such a wonderful disposition and a personality that you can't believe!! Enjoy!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Lil' Shopper

Today, Kayin and I went on an outing to the mall. I desperately needed to get out of the house! We were a little early so we were the "mall walkers" for awhile and as we walked, Kayin eyed the carousel. Thanks to Uncle Joshy, whenever we go there, we MUST make a stop! She thoroughly enjoyed the ride and her smile was quite captivating...of course....my luck, the batteries in the camera went dead!!!

We continued the outing and stopped at Children's Place for an outfit for the 4th of July at the Lake of the Ozarks on our vacation. As I shopped, all Kayin kept saying was, "Mommy, those are just precious, they're darling!" I kid you not...her vocabulary had everyone stunned! When I told them she had just turned two they looked at me with perplexed eyes! As we went up to the counter, I found some "extras"... torquoise sunglasses and shoes. What is so amazing about this is the fact that I DIDN'T PUT THEM IN THE STROLLER!!! Kayin had seen me looking at a torquoise tank top to go with an outfit to the Ozarks and she must have put these two accessories in the stroller!! Needless to say, taking them out of the stroller was easy but trying to tell Kayin we didn't need them was a different story! So, I think we have a shopper on our hands!! Watch out!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Exceeding expectations

Today we all piled in the car to head to Kayin's 2-year well child check-up. She must have a phenominal memory because the minute the door opened, she covered her ears and started crying. You see, Kayin's first year of life had an abundance of ear infections and every 4 weeks it seemed as though we were heading to the doctor (She remembers hims being the one checking on her ears all the time)! As he entered the room, she became a little more comfortable but had a grip on me like you wouldn't believe. We got the best exam that we could -- and the new stats: Height - 34 inches/Weight - 24.4 pounds. He said that we will have a tall and lean girl on our hands and will most likely be a good volleyball player! So, Auntie Amy, you can show her your skills!! We got to talking about her speech and language and he couldn't believe the sentences she was producing as well as how quick she processes. When we were telling him some of the things she was saying/doing at home, he was amazed and told us that what he was seeing in the office as well as what we were telling him she is about 2-years ahead of her "developmental age". Now I know, I am partial because I am her mother, but this child never ceases to amaze Justin and I!! Being home with her this summer will be so much fun as I get to see the daily changes that unfold before my eyes!! Love you lil' punkie-doo!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Our Little Swimmer

She has so outgrown this pool but enjoyed a refreshing dip in there during the 85+ temperatures last week. New pictures will be posted soon of the new pool that fits her perfectly!! I have a feeling she will follow Lees tradition and swim to her hearts content every day in the pool in the backyard! She screams and throws a fit when we have to get out...reminds me a little of someone I know! (AKA: Uncle Joshy) And for all you worriers out there--don't worry, she NEVER goes in the pool alone and our eyes don't stray away!!

My Little Cottage

Kayin enjoys playing in a garage sale find from Grandma Brinkmeyer!