Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Letter A

Pretty sure I am going to be one of those mother's who keeps everything--even though I have vowed not to do it! These are the projects Kayin made this week at M's house! This week they focused on letter A and read a variety of "A" books. They practiced cutting again as well! Kayin was so proud of her apple printing/painting they had created on Thursday. In her hand, she even has an alligator puppet!! Up on the right hand side of the door, we post the newsletter each week that M gives us so we can talk about Kayin's day. She is having a blast!
A friend of ours from Illinois came to visit her mother in Geneva and we were fortunate to visit the farm! It just so happened that S and J got to take care of newborn piglets during thier visit. Kayin was in awe of them and didn't know what to think!

We went down to Ribfest here in Lincoln a couple of weekends ago for the first time. When we moved here, it was absolutely unbearable outside due to the heat and Kayin was susceptible to getting a horrible heat rash. As you can tell, she had a great time this year! I think her favorite thing to do was to people watch!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I must start this blog with an apology--this is a story, not so much with pictures! Many of you know I started back to work yesterday and Kayin started a new daycare. We were lucky enough to have her recommended by our previous provider as well as friend of mine from a class (who just so happened to be at our previous provider's house too!). The first time we met her during the summer, Kayin opened up to her real quick and she was AMAZING!!!

As we dropped Kayin off yesterday, it reassured to us that she was going to be enriched and learn so many new things! We entered one room with Kayin to see tons of educational toys as well as walls filled with shapes, colors, and words. In the other room, "M" had cubbies for all the kids (which they ended up designing thier own name plate to identify their basket), a plethora of books, quiet learning toys, letters on the wall, and....get this....A CALENDAR!!! Which leads me to the ending thought of the night~

(Overheard as I was washing my face)

Kayin: "Mommy, can I call Uncle Joshy and Aunt Maggie?"

Mommy: "Sure, just use your pretend phone!"

Kayin: (dragging the phone that rings and rolls it's eyes...we all know them...they have been around FOREVER) "Hi, is Uncle Joshy there? Oh, he is? Well, can I talk to him?"

(continuing to wait and sing "Down by the Station") "Uncle Joshy and Aunt Maggie, did you know that today is Thursday, August firteenth? Yeah, it really is...and know what, tomorrow will be Fwiday!"

My heart just about jumped up through my chest, out of my mouth and onto the counter!!!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

The other day Kayin woke up from her nap and refused to take off her Pull-up when we went outside to go swimming. Our rule is she can't be completely naked outside when swimming...does this count? Pretty sure that a Pull-up holds more moisture than a diaper does!!! What do you think??!!

Luckily it's not PERMANENT!!

As I was coming out of the washroom from putting a new load of laundry, this is what I least she only "painted" herself!! What you can't see is that the marker goes all up her legs...oh the joys! :)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

I love Harpey-dog

I know--I couldn't resist this one! But Kayin hopped up onto our bed and was looking at the pictures of her when she was a baby and our wedding picture. This started a long conversation about marriages, wedding rings, and babies! Who would have thought I would be having such a grown up discussiong (as much as I could) with my two year old! :)
This has got to be one of our favorite pictures of Harper and Kayin. He is such a trooper and puts up with a lot of stuff! This smile is pretty contagious, don't ya' think?! And do you notice how long her hair has gotten? We can finally put every strand back in a pig tail, but I must say that having it all down makes her look like such a little lady!

Dress-up anyone?

Today, Kayin found a pair of socks and my flip flops. She got rather creative with her outfits!

Zoo Trip with Papa

As many of you know, a couple weeks ago I had an unexpected hospital stay and we were fortunate to have my mom around. Well, she had such a great time that yesterday was Papa's turn!! Today we ventured out to the Children's Zoo and I don't know who had more fun--Papa or Kayin??!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009


On our way to Target, Kayin noticed something in the parking lot of a local grocery store:
The cow was mooing nonstop while she was petting her!!
Can you believe this calf is only 4 DAYS OLD??!!

Swimmin' with Fletchers

This last week, we took a sporadic trip to some best friends of ours!! Kayin was a little hesitant at first when she started swimming, but then once she got the hang of it and saw "N" and "A" out there having the time of their lives, she got pretty brave!