Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Stepping Stone

We cleared a little space behind the house for Kayin to have her own little "garden". I had some extra flowers and bean seeds so she helped me plant them. Today we were working on her stepping stone...which was a fantastic idea but with a two year old who wants to do things herself, it was quite interesting!! But, we did have a good time. I will post a picture of the garden with her gazing ball that she picked out (yup, had her first serious tantrum moment at Hobby Lobby...I think people thought I was the worse mom ever!! If looks could kill, I would have been gone about 20 times---we had about a 10 minute episode of tantruming...and it continued until the checkout).
After we had poured the mixture of cement and water into the mold, Kayin so deligently helped me spread it around...however, she thought that she needed to load up the stir stick and put the mixture in the flower pot nearby....oh well, she had fun!
The somewhat finished project...and yes, Kayin did help. I have learned that she is THRILLED at the thought of getting messy (must be the Bumgarner in her) and she stuck down about 10 pieces of the glass. I think there are probably about 5 that got poked down to the point that you couldn't see them. :) We tried to make a yellow butterfly, but we will have to see how it turns out after we take it out of the mold and wipe it down. Stay tuned for the "garden" pictures!!

Birthday Fun

One of many new toys from her birthday. This particular one was from her godparents and their children. She figured out the doggy door!!!
Playing with her new kitchen from Grandma and Grandpa Brinkmeyer. What a smart girl...she knows that she has to wear a hotpad as she puts something into the oven!!

Chef Kayin at your service....

"Mommy, I do myself"

Need I say more??!! Kayin loves to do things herself and is extremely INDEPENDENT!!! Today was no exception! She found her new squeaker sandals and put them on over her pajamas...too cute, right?

Monday, April 27, 2009

Hide And Seek

As I type this, Kayin and Justin are playing hide and go seek....

Kayin: Counting to ten and then asking (whispering) "Daddy, where are you?" as she walks aimlessly around the basement.

Daddy: (Trying not to laugh) "I'm right here Kayin."

Kayin: "I think I see you. " as she starts walking towards him tickling.

Daddy: "Oh, you found me!" and he chases her around ... shouldn't it be the other way around??!!

Kayin: "Okay, now I hide Daddy!!" as she runs full speed ahead to hide in the same exact location that Justin was hiding.

Daddy: Counting to ten with Kayin laughing hysterically....

Kayin: Before Daddy getting to 10, starts giggling, comes out from her hiding spot, and says, "Daddy, I found you!"

I think we might need to work on the logistics of Hide and Go Seek a little bit more.... :)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Kayin

Okay, so the previous post was my first attempt at adding a slideshow with music....as you probably can tell, it didn't work!! So, off to make a couple of phone calls to see what I need to do differently!

My Lil' Gardener

Kayin is our lil' gardener!! Here she is planting her little garden that our neighbors gave her. This is one of the neatest things I have seen--it's a little "greenhouse" with these pots that come with a pellet of dirt that expands with water. Kayin LOVEd putting in her seeds...but soon came disappointment with the flowers not being ready to pick!!

Kayin and I enjoyed planting some flowers last week when the weather was absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! She got a kick out of digging in the dirt and putting in the seeds. I have a feeling this is going to be a fun summer with her and the garden we have growing!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tummy Full

Tonight at dinner--

Jess: "Kayin, are you done with your dinner?"

Kayin: "Ummmm."

Jess: "Kayin, are you done with your dinner and is your tummy full?"

Kayin: (Lifting up her shirt) "Yup mommy. Look, tummy is full!"

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Singing the ABC's

As I started to upload the video you were about to see...the file is too large. So, I am trying to figure out what other site will let me import a video...hopefully the video will be uploaded tomorrow night! Sorry folks!

There are times in your life that your child never ceases to AMAZE you!! In the past couple of months, we have been really listening in on what Kayin is saying, singing, doing, you name it. Well, she really has grasped onto the concept of singing her alphabet, "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star", "One two, buckle my shoe", the list could go on and on. Here is a little video for your enjoyment! You will notice that some of the letters are missing and she is struggling to get her shirt off. Which leads us to the next picture....NAKED TIME!!! First it was figuring out how to take off her shoes (about a year ago or before), then her socks and the cycle continues until the clothes have all been scattered around the house and this is what you are surprised with. On this particular day, I think I was doing laundry and Kayin found her sandbox and pink swimsuit from Aunt Mimi. Needless to say, I had to explain to her that we couldn't go to the beach and swim during April!! I have a feeling another Myrtle Beach trip is in our future...her first trip was when she was 6 weeks old!! When I get the CD of "saved" pictures off of our old/crashed computer I will have to find and download them.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Happy Easter from the Brinkmeyers!!

Playing the piano at church--I just missed her sitting on Nana's lap!!

Smelling the easter lillies at church

Told ya' I would try and get a picture of her putting onher makeup--such a girly girl!!

Checking out what the easter bunny left!

Kayin discovering that the Easter bunny left her some CANDY!!

Hmmmm...I wonder what the Easter bunny left!!

Putting on some stickers to the easter eggs that Papa helped me dye...

Friday, April 10, 2009

Counting At Its Best

I finally figured it out and thought this would brighten everyone's day as being the first post you see after not blogging for some time! The first time Kayin did it I tried getting a quick video which is why you can barely hear the last couple of numbers. I think she would have continued to count even if I hadn't asked her to. You can tell by the smile on her face that she is pretty proud of herself!! (Not to mention mommy and daddy)!!! We're still working on 4 and 5 but I'd say for not even being two she's doing a pretty darn good job!!

Kayin got new lip gloss from Aunt Mimi for Easter--Kayin is really into the makeup thing right now....could get interesting in a few years!! Every morning while I get ready, Kayin brings her little purse from Auntie Amy filled with my empty compacts and wants to put on her make-up. She brings in her little stool from her vanity and hops right on up to the counter...I will hopefully get a picture of that moment....
Frosting sugar cookies that Nana baked with Kayin when she babysat for the day. I think I had the tough job of frosting with her...she ended up getting more frosting on her face that on her cookies!! That's a true sign of enjoyment!!
Cheap labor, I know...every night after dinner, Kayin wants to clean the table. She climbs up on the chair while we are loading up the dishes, and asks for a washcloth to "cwean the table".

It's about time...I know

Kayin LOVES the accessories!!
It's 6:00 and you are cooking dinner....do you know where your child is?
I am sure Harper is wondering what her next move is going to be....that cute little smile tells me she is up to something!
All tuckered out after vacation. Harper got caught...he is never allowed on the bed if she is up there, but this was just too cute not to capture. He must have missed us while we were on vacation in Chicago!

I think it's about time...at least that's what I can hear people saying!

During our vacation....Shannon drove by this house and mentioned that it is on the market....only for 1.4 MILLION DOLLARS!!! I about, well, I won't tell you what I just about did! Any takers??!!

Kayin helping me blow out my candles at the Cheesecake Factory. She is practicing for her second birthday party!!

Shannon and Brianna were able to meet us for lunch...had a great time girls!

Kayin hanging out with the boys...Cameron and Brendan at Portillos during our SHORT visit to Schaumburg!!