Friday, April 10, 2009

Kayin got new lip gloss from Aunt Mimi for Easter--Kayin is really into the makeup thing right now....could get interesting in a few years!! Every morning while I get ready, Kayin brings her little purse from Auntie Amy filled with my empty compacts and wants to put on her make-up. She brings in her little stool from her vanity and hops right on up to the counter...I will hopefully get a picture of that moment....
Frosting sugar cookies that Nana baked with Kayin when she babysat for the day. I think I had the tough job of frosting with her...she ended up getting more frosting on her face that on her cookies!! That's a true sign of enjoyment!!
Cheap labor, I know...every night after dinner, Kayin wants to clean the table. She climbs up on the chair while we are loading up the dishes, and asks for a washcloth to "cwean the table".

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