Monday, April 27, 2009

Hide And Seek

As I type this, Kayin and Justin are playing hide and go seek....

Kayin: Counting to ten and then asking (whispering) "Daddy, where are you?" as she walks aimlessly around the basement.

Daddy: (Trying not to laugh) "I'm right here Kayin."

Kayin: "I think I see you. " as she starts walking towards him tickling.

Daddy: "Oh, you found me!" and he chases her around ... shouldn't it be the other way around??!!

Kayin: "Okay, now I hide Daddy!!" as she runs full speed ahead to hide in the same exact location that Justin was hiding.

Daddy: Counting to ten with Kayin laughing hysterically....

Kayin: Before Daddy getting to 10, starts giggling, comes out from her hiding spot, and says, "Daddy, I found you!"

I think we might need to work on the logistics of Hide and Go Seek a little bit more.... :)

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