Friday, October 31, 2008


Tonight Kayin had a blast! This was the first year we took her out and ventured around the neighborhood. Last year we stopped by a couple of places, but due to the weather and her age, we didn't stray far from home! She loved the fact that after she said her "tick o teat" people would let her pick out of their candy bowl. Justin had just as much fun as she did I think! He is starting to work his longer hours at work and is enjoying spending specials times like these with her!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What's To Come....

Here she is with Vanessa, Dr. Rhodes' nurse

As you can tell by the pictures, we had a pre-Halloween festivity to go to! Our family physician, Dr. Rhodes has an annual Trick Or Treating night for the kids. Kayin LOVED it!! She wasn't too sure when we went in and couldn't look at the "tish (fish)" but quickly realized that people were handing out candy! She did extremely well considering the hallways were black except for purple and orange rope lighting throughout. They had us wind through the office similar to a haunted house and once Kayin noticed people had baskets of candy, she remembered to say "tick o teat pwease" and "tank tu".

Here she is with her twin, Maria!! How convenient that they both were wearing poodle skirts!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Babies...Babies...and More Babies....

Uncle Josh and Aunt Maggie met up with Justin for lunch and headed to Toys R' Us to have a look at some possible Christmas presents. Upon entering the doors...

Justin: "Kayin, look at all the toys."

Kayin: (in pure excitement with an enormous smile on her face and finger pointing) "Where's the BABIES? Babies! Babies! Babies!"

Yup, Kayin has a new phrase....and can't get enough of babies! Anytime she sees one, she'll point and say, "baby". Tonight we were having some family time downstairs without tv or computer and all she wanted to do was dance with her babies!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Are they really going to let me do this??!!

Tonight we had a little family fun! My dad picked up this HUGE pumpkin (okay, next to our lil' petite dolly it looked huge) today and we decided we would let our budding artist have a shot at this! Surprisingly enough, she got most of the paint on the pumpkin! She did pretty well with the paintbrush but also thought that dipping her fingers into the paint would also be interesting!She must get her OCD from she is trying to put the lid on the paints and she was far from being done! So serious in this picture. Wouldn't we like to all know what she is thinking?TADA!!! The finished product.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Feeding Time

When Sharon was here, she captured these precious photos of Kayin feeding her baby. Kayin does everything with this doll. She will pretend to take her potty, will read a book to her, will want to play with her and today, was feeding her lunch. Won't she be such a great big sister (don't worry....not yet)!

Thanks Grandma!

I had conferences on Tuesday and Thursday night this week and Grandma Brinkmeyer came out to spend some time with Kayin. She couldn't believe all of the different things Kayin has learned since last time she saw her. I think it was time well spent! Thanks Sharon!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Just me and my friends

We had a Husker football party on Saturday and several of our friends with kids came. They had a blast with Kayin's Dora ballpit (thanks Aunt Maggie and Uncle Joshy)! My friend, Audra and I had a little bit of difficulty with the's the OCD in us...but we just kept looking the other way! I think there were about 5 balls LEFT in the ballpit when all was said and done with. The girls had an absolute blast and with the "play area" we have set up, it was perfect for a gathering of little ones. Next time we have a party, I will be sure to post a "before" and "after" picture of all the toys out.

Lullaby and Goodnight

Today while we were playing downstairs, I was working on school stuff, Justin was watching the Bears game and Kayin climbed up onto the rocking chair and was singing our Lullaby song we sing at night to her baby. She was giving her baby kisses and was patting her on the back just like we do right before we lay her down for bed. Luckily we were able to capture this moment on film!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Let the Adventures Begin!

So the adventure begins. Justin and I are clearly amazed at how fast our little girl is growing up! I must say, I am starting to have that "baby itch" again. Kayin is doing so many new things it seems impossible that only a year ago she was just starting to figure out the crawling thing. As you can tell, she loves to climb and we think her Christmas present may just have to be getting her into her big girl bed. She hasn't quite figured out how to climb out of her crib, but she is pretty darn close. She reminds me so much of my brother...I don't know exactly when he climbed out, but I know it was pretty early. She is talking up a storm now and will sometimes even have a conversation with you. The other night at dinner, she told Harper, "Go away, please." During bath time, she points to the bubbles and says, "Bubbles." When she wants out of her swing, she will say, "Out, please." During bath time, she has these foam letters and we have been working on colors....she will pick them up by color if you ask and is starting to say the words red and blue. Last weekend Aunt Mimi got the surprise of her life when she walked up to Kayin and she sported this huge smile and shouted, "Mimi." Not to mention the Husker cheerleader dolly and don't worry, we almost have her saying, "Go Huskers" and "Go Big Red".

And who could forget the WATER?? This child is destined to be the next Olympian in swimming! Everywhere there is water, Kayin will be close by. I think we are going to try and sign her up for swimming lessons during the winter time. This picture of her in Harper's water bowl was a classic...and it was legit. I didn't recreate this one at all. She looked at me right as I took the picture, no prompting at all!

Kayin got a package in the mail today and I should quit my day job and go into business. Our good friend Shannyn from Arlington Heights found this woman at a craft show in Illinois a couple of weeks ago who personalizes anything...literally. This is a personalized bow holder, and if you have ever seen Kayin's collection, you know it will be put to good use! I tried my best to capture her holding it up so you could see the name, but I had to help her out a bit! What is so amazing is Shannyn told her what Kayin had for bedding and the woman went online, found what it was, and matched the colors perfectly!! Thanks Auntie Shannyn and Breanna!!

Go, Horsey, Go!!

She wasn't enjoying herself at all, was she?! Justin and I get free massages all the time now! Kayin gets quite the thrill of climbing onto our backs and saying, "Go, Horsey, Go!" And surprisingly enough, she says it pretty clear.

Lil' Peanut

Kayin loves to climb and sit in the rocking chair in the living. I guess today she decided she would take a little nap there! This is one of her new favorite sleeping positions, which is almost exactly like what she looked like during my ninth month of pregnancy (Where did the time go?)...It's funny, Justin and I both looked at each other tonight and at the same time said, "Man, she is growing up fast and too fast."