Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Stepping Stone

We cleared a little space behind the house for Kayin to have her own little "garden". I had some extra flowers and bean seeds so she helped me plant them. Today we were working on her stepping stone...which was a fantastic idea but with a two year old who wants to do things herself, it was quite interesting!! But, we did have a good time. I will post a picture of the garden with her gazing ball that she picked out (yup, had her first serious tantrum moment at Hobby Lobby...I think people thought I was the worse mom ever!! If looks could kill, I would have been gone about 20 times---we had about a 10 minute episode of tantruming...and it continued until the checkout).
After we had poured the mixture of cement and water into the mold, Kayin so deligently helped me spread it around...however, she thought that she needed to load up the stir stick and put the mixture in the flower pot nearby....oh well, she had fun!
The somewhat finished project...and yes, Kayin did help. I have learned that she is THRILLED at the thought of getting messy (must be the Bumgarner in her) and she stuck down about 10 pieces of the glass. I think there are probably about 5 that got poked down to the point that you couldn't see them. :) We tried to make a yellow butterfly, but we will have to see how it turns out after we take it out of the mold and wipe it down. Stay tuned for the "garden" pictures!!


Meghan said...

Look at you being all gardenery with Kayin! I'm inspired now to maybe think about doing something similar...that is if I can find a way let go of my OCD regarding messes:)

The Brink Blog said...

I know--I kind of had to do the same thing. However, Kayin LOVES to get messy---as long as it is outside I really try to let go!