Saturday, August 8, 2009

The other day Kayin woke up from her nap and refused to take off her Pull-up when we went outside to go swimming. Our rule is she can't be completely naked outside when swimming...does this count? Pretty sure that a Pull-up holds more moisture than a diaper does!!! What do you think??!!


Meghan said...

I don't know....we ran out of swim diapers for Lydia awhile ago, and because they are so expensive I've just been putting her in a regular diaper when we swim. It never ceases to amaze me how much water it holds! I've never tried a pull-up, however, I do have some lying around from Iris' potting training days. I may have to give them a try....

Vicki B. said...

I didn't realize that diapers could
explode in the pool until I took
Brooklyn to the pool when she was little and was approached by a lifeguard that handed me a special
swim diaper & told me this. That
pullup is holding a lot of water!
Wonder how much it weighed?