Thursday, August 6, 2009

I love Harpey-dog

I know--I couldn't resist this one! But Kayin hopped up onto our bed and was looking at the pictures of her when she was a baby and our wedding picture. This started a long conversation about marriages, wedding rings, and babies! Who would have thought I would be having such a grown up discussiong (as much as I could) with my two year old! :)
This has got to be one of our favorite pictures of Harper and Kayin. He is such a trooper and puts up with a lot of stuff! This smile is pretty contagious, don't ya' think?! And do you notice how long her hair has gotten? We can finally put every strand back in a pig tail, but I must say that having it all down makes her look like such a little lady!


Sharon Brinkmeyer said...

These are great pics--thanks for sharing!!

Meghan said...

It would appear that someone also loves...being naked!:)

I love the "grown-up" conversations the best. It's just so interesting to hear their take on things. She's such a sweetie!

suemo said...

Now I remember what it was she told us the other night when she was at the house. She looked up at me and said, "I can't be outside naked."

The Brink Blog said...

That silly girl! Doesn't she come up with the funniest stuff sometimes? She is right though--no streaking outside! :)