Saturday, June 27, 2009

We've Grown Up

We all know that furniture can be expensive and we kept putting off purchasing a new couch (actually, I don't think Justin and I ever bought a new couch....thanks to my giving brother)! Fortunately, Justin received a bonus this year and we were able to purchase NEW FURNITURE!!! We took advantage of the sales at Nebraska Furniture Mart in Omaha the beginning of May and took the plunge. I think we left Lincoln around 10:00 and didn't leave the warehouse until almost 4:30. Once we had finally decided on the couch we liked, the sales representative informed us we had to pick out the style of the pillows...WHAT??!!! It took us about three hours to find the couch and now we had to figure out the cushions??? We had to both give and take a little bit, but this is a before and after picture of the livingroom. As you can see, we also bought a chaise lounge chair (this was my give after telling Justin that the big screen t.v. was going to have to wait....)

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