Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Exceeding expectations

Today we all piled in the car to head to Kayin's 2-year well child check-up. She must have a phenominal memory because the minute the door opened, she covered her ears and started crying. You see, Kayin's first year of life had an abundance of ear infections and every 4 weeks it seemed as though we were heading to the doctor (She remembers hims being the one checking on her ears all the time)! As he entered the room, she became a little more comfortable but had a grip on me like you wouldn't believe. We got the best exam that we could -- and the new stats: Height - 34 inches/Weight - 24.4 pounds. He said that we will have a tall and lean girl on our hands and will most likely be a good volleyball player! So, Auntie Amy, you can show her your skills!! We got to talking about her speech and language and he couldn't believe the sentences she was producing as well as how quick she processes. When we were telling him some of the things she was saying/doing at home, he was amazed and told us that what he was seeing in the office as well as what we were telling him she is about 2-years ahead of her "developmental age". Now I know, I am partial because I am her mother, but this child never ceases to amaze Justin and I!! Being home with her this summer will be so much fun as I get to see the daily changes that unfold before my eyes!! Love you lil' punkie-doo!!


Sharon Brinkmeyer said...

Kayin marie,
You are growing up SO FAST!! And such a smart little girl--can't wait to see you again in a couple of weeks!!!

Meghan said...

That's great! Iris had early language skills - like, she was speaking in complete adult-like sentences at 18 months - and I think being able to communicate with her so easily made the toddler years much less traumatic than they could have been.:) You guys are going to have such a fun summer! I'm looking forward to reading about all your exciting doings!