Monday, September 8, 2008

Our New Pet

JUST KIDDING!!! Upon visiting with my brother and his dad, Justin noticed a ferret running around our neighbor's yard. The nice man he is, Justin walked over to find nobody home. Don't worry, this wasn't their pet, but we were just worried it might find a way into their house. But oh no, the little devil found its way into our GARAGE!!!! Luckily, Justin and his dad captured the little critter and we found its owner (after calling animal control and freaking out a little bit asking if we cared to keep it overnight until an officer could get dispatched)!!


Meghan said... thanks! I am horrified they even suggested you keeping it overnight! What a crazy thing to have happened!

The Brink Blog said...

Yeah, I was a little taken back myself when they asked us if we wanted to keep it. They are pretty dirty animals we discovered just after the 30 minutes we had it! NEVER WILL I HAVE ONE UNDER MY ROOF!!