Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Train's a Comin'

Last night, Justin was upstairs playing with Kayin while I was working on school stuff and he came down and said, "have you heard her say 'Choo-choo' ?"

Yup, another new phrase to put down in the books...and what is so amazing is she even had the engine from her train set we got for her for her birthday in her hand!!

Another new phrase to add "PLEASE" aka in Kayin's language "PWETHE". Hopefully one of these days I can find time to insert a video and that will be one that is not to be missed!


Meghan said...

It's so fun when they start talking! I can't wait for those days to begin with Lydia. Part of the joy of having a second baby is getting to relive those moments!

Audra said...

hey... you.... guys!!! (say it the Sloth tone off of Goonies)

How's it going? Bet your busy with school...Pucca did awesome and is loving every minute...not to mention I really like her school!

Let me know when things settle down for ya- we have to get together for a bbq or something. ttyl