Sunday, August 24, 2008

New House...New Adventures

* Kayin has discovered that Harper isn't that bad after all! She loves playing in his water bowl and especially loves to feed him her left overs after a meal or her snack!! (And we all thought he would lose weight here without having to compete with Player's food!!)
* We finally are out of boxes and went through some of Kayin's clothes. She had over 9 bins and we thought we would downsize a bit. This doesn't include what is in her closet!!
* Sitting in the pool in her Backyardagin's chair from Aunt Mimi is awesome!! At the apartment we only had a little deck and not nearly enough room for a pool!

* Bath time has become a favorite past time! We forget how much Harper enjoys taking baths. This picture was taken after the little confrontation I had with him IN THE BATHTUB (and yes, there was water)!

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