Monday, August 4, 2008

A Little Diversion

For those of you who keep awaiting pictures of the new place, we had a little diversion today but are hoping to get some posted later tonight!

"What diversion," you may ask?? As many of you know, we have been "postponed" from our normal routine for about a month now with moving, vacation, teething and yet moving some more. Kayin has been struggling with this (as well as her mommy and daddy) and has just not been herself. She hasn't been eating well, not playing like usual and sleep is something by the wayside -- both napping and nighttime (not to mention the 4:20 wake-up calls in the morning!!

She got her 15-month shots last week and late Friday night into early Saturday morning started running a fever. Tylenol or Motrin really weren't helping and then the diaper changes got interesting. For the last two days, her fever has not subsided nor have the diaper changes gotten any better. So, I took her in to see the doctor not knowing if this is a reaction from the shots, change in routine, teething, the stomach bug or who knows what. After a quite lengthy visit (almost 20 minutes) she is on a medicine and Justin and I get to collect our first stool sample for her!!

I will forwarn you, the next part is rather grotesque!! As I left the office, I had to stop by the lab to get the information for the stool sample. I waited until home to read into the details of the directions. These people expect us to line her diaper with saran wrap so the urine and fecal matter don't mix, then collect it onto a little spoon and fill 3 vials (I was so thinking about posting pictures but held back for the weaker stomachs reading)! Now, we do luck out because there is already some solution in two of the vials, but my child hasn't eaten well for the last week, how do they expect us to get good output if she isn't eating??

So, the race is on! Cross your fingers that this process isn't too much for us!


Meghan said...

Oh, you poor, poor thing. And poor Kayin. I hope by this time she's feeling better. What a stressful thing to happen on top of an already stressful thing.

We, thankfully and luckily so far, have not had to mess with collecting any samples of "output". That goes in the "parenting nightmare" category for sure!

The Brink Blog said...

Justin had the nerve to change her diaper and leave it for me...and yes, it was up right up there for #1 Parenting Nightmare!! She is still not sleeping well and is waking up in the middle of the night screaming. One of the tests came back negative so hopefully the rest will as well!!

Meghan said...

Are they checking for rotovirus, or what? How miserable - sweet girlie!

I've been praying for you because there is not much that's worse than a sick baby, I think. Especially when there's not much you can do for them but let it run its course. I hope she feels better soon and things get back to normal for you!

The Brink Blog said...

Yes, I know one of the tests that they are testing is rotavirus. They called yesterday and one of the tests they ran came back negative. Luckily, Justin's mom was able to come out here for a couple of days to help out. It has not been a fun week at all!

Meghan said...

So....I tagged you for a meme....

I'm glad you were able to have some help and hopefully get a break!