Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday morning thoughts

As I sit here and blog, I can do it without a 15-month old climbing on top of the computer trying to help. Yes, Kayin is down for a NAP!!! We are hoping that she is on the upswing of things and whatever she had last week is gone for good!! A week ago today, she had been running a 100+ fever for several days and wasn't sleeping a wink. Monday we took her in and got some medicine and encouragement to keep being patient. Tuesday Grandma Brinkmeyer offered to come out and help. Wednesday we both looked like we had a match with boxing gloves and thought about the offer. Thursday we made the call and Friday morning we picked up Grandma in Omaha. Saturday I worked all day in my room and got most everything ready before we start meetings this week. Today, enjoying the weather and working outside!

It must be Grandma's touch because she has been happy-go-lucky since her arrival!! She has been taking at least one nap during the day, going down fairly easy at night, but the 4 o'clock wake-up call is still happening (with some intermittent fussing throughout the night). However this morning, the wake-up call was around 5:20.

She has been eating good and her new favorite is a box raisins! She'll eat the whole box if you let her.

1. Whatever bug Kayin had last week is hopefully gone (at least we'll keep our fingers crossed).
2. She possibly was sensing the stress that I have had the last couple of weeks with not getting sleep, meetings for school, and finishing up the unpacking at the house.
3. Those darn molars are taking longer than what we want to break through. But, last night we put some baby Orajel on her toothbrush and she chewed and chewed away!! She does not like Justin or I's finger going into her mouth.
4. We don't look like we had a battle with a boxing glove.
5. Next time we go to the grocery store, we will be sure to pick up another box of raisins!

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Meghan said...

I'm glad she's feeling better!!