Friday, September 26, 2008

Her Own Little Personal Bathtub

Today, Justin was holding down the fort as he had the day off. After school, I get a phone call from him with what has to be yet, the Kayin story that tops it all so far! I guess he was working on the computer and after awhile, didn't see or hear Kayin in her play area (which is about 20 or 30 feet from the computer). So, he went looking...and what he found was our lil' dolly STANDING with both feet in the toilet just splashing away in complete darkness!!! Luckily, she managed to keep her dress on, quite surprising, I know considering her past record! Unfortunately, she's kind of like Lydia, my cousin's little girl....too fast for the camera! I may have to reinact this one just so we can have proof later on in life!


Sharon Brinkmeyer said...

"Splish splash, I was takin a bath..." You know I used to teach babies swim lessons--maybe we should sign kayin up!!!

The Brink Blog said...

Actually, I have a teacher at school who teaches on the side and we are thinking about signing her up during the winter! :)