Monday, June 30, 2008

Haircut anyone??!!

So, Justin wanted to get creative with Kayin's hair...I told him it was ok as long as he didn't shave it, dye it like a leopard, or spike it!! This is where his creativity took him today. As many of you know, Justin has had numerous hair styles and he vowed three years ago on July 16 that if we had children, he would try his best not to influence too much!! :) However, if we were to cut her hair, then we wouldn't be able to have this lovely hairstyle. Which I must admit, is one of my favorites!!

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Meghan said...

What a lovely hairstyle! I keep telling myself that someday our children will have hair - long, beautiful hair....Iris didn't get her first haircut until she was well over two! It will happen, I know....I can't help but be a teensy bit jealous of babies with hair! :) Too cute!