Friday, March 6, 2009


Tonight as I was going through some old photos, I came across these. It just so happens that tonight all Kayin wanted to do was read stories, lay in bed, and cuddle with me as we waited for Justin to come home. Words can't describe how your life changes when you have a child. Tonight while we lay in bed, I was thinking about those first moments of when we realized we were going to become parents. It's an amazing journey and God created such a beautiful little miracle!! We love you punkie doo!!

This picture was taken two weeks before I was induced...who would have thought that a woman's body was capable of creating little miracles?

This was Kayin's second day of life cuddling up with of her favorite spots to be!

Kayin shortly after she was born....all 9 POUNDS OF HER!!

Here she is with Papa reading a book by one of her favorite authors, Sandra Boynton. When we go back to visit my parents, Kayin knows exactly where Papa stashes his new stories...he seems to be finding some new ones every time we come to visit! Thanks Papa!

I wish we had a video camera of this moment. This was Kayin's first time in her crib. My mom, Justin and I were there to witness this. We had her all bundled up in her handmade blanket made by my sister-in-law's Grandmother, Helen, and immediately, Kayin pulled out her arms, ran her finger through her hair and stared at her fingers, hands and arms. It was then and there we knew we had a smart little girl on our hands!!

This picture is one of our favorites. She cuddled right up to Justin and grabbed his finger...I knew from that moment on he would have his little girl wrapped around his finger!


Meghan said...

Very sweet! I still can't get over the miracle of being able to first of all, create a child, but also the miraculous fact that our bodies as women are so designed and equipped to be able to grow and nourish and provide everything a baby might need! It's amazing! Thanks for sharing these pictures!:)

Vicki B. said...

The pictures are so precious! It's
amazing what our bodies can do.
I love it that Grandpa always finds
a new book to read to Kayin.