Sunday, September 6, 2009


We have officially begun football season here in Lincoln and although we are unable to be fortunate season ticket holders, we still make the trek downtown to enjoy! Since moving here, we have made it a tradition that the family heads downtown to relish in all the RED!! This weekend was the season opener for a 6:00 game. Kayin and I headed down around 12:00 to spend some time with my parents, tailgate, and just plain, HAVE FUN!!! Here are some pictures from the day!Kayin waiting with daddy for the "red band"!
Watchin' the band a little more...and they sounded AWESOME!
Before every game, they open the stadium so fans can watch the band practice on the field. Kayin couldn't get enough of it!! I think she wanted to go down on the field REALLY BAD!
For those of you who have never been into the stadium here in Lincoln, its size is pretty remarkable (86,000 capacity...I believe)! Here is the view from the south stadium looking to the west. These are the new (newer) skyboxes that were built about 5 years ago (I think) and this is only half of them.
Watching some more of the band practice.

Future student??!!
UNL's campus is absolutely beautiful! Kayin enjoys walking around, learning about the different structures/statues. Here she is walking around with Papa.

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Sharon Brinkmeyer said...

Looks like a GREAT TIME!! Kayin, you looked awfully sweet in your new HUSKER CHEERLEADER outfit; no wonder they WON!!!!
Love, G'ma & G'pa Brinkmeyer