Tuesday, February 16, 2010

10 on Tuesday

1. I have one more post until it's 200...watch for a super duper post filled with some special things!

2. Is anyone else getting tired of the snow and cold weather??!! We got some light flakes over the weekend with interstates closed, preventing Nana and Pap from visiting us! We haven't seen them since the holidays! A beach vacation is calling our names, I think!!

3. There is nothing like falling asleep on freshly washed sheets (with a body that has relaxed in a bath)...

4. Yesterday was a plan day at school, meaning no kids...and for the first time this year, I felt like I got a TON done! Maybe it was the fact that I spent about 4 hours there on Sunday...which I have tried my hardest not to be spending weekends at work!

5. Someone made the comment to me the other day, "You're a teacher...must be nice to have plan days with no kids, weekends off and three months off during the summer!" I look at that person, explained exactly what a "Plan Day" was, reiterated that weekends aren't really "down time" and then started to give them the low down of summer plans...I think she faced the reality rather quickly!!

6. I think I have mentioned this in previous 10 on Tuesdays, but when did our little girl grow up so fast??!!

7. Had a great early Valentine's Day gift from my two sweethearts---delivered flowers to me at school on Friday...

8. To let my hair grow or cut it short again...that is the question!

9. Why does it seem that laundry NEVER gets caught up??!! I have tried to keep on schedule with one load a day...can only imagine what families with more children do...maybe I could solicit for suggestions...

10. We are taking a family vacation to Canada this summer for about two weeks...after watching the Olympics, extremely EXCITED!!! The Canadian Rockies look absolutely beautiful!! Not to mention that Justin and I are going to try and escape on a little two day get away for our 5-year anniversary while we are up there (which just happens to be on our exact date)!!

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