Saturday, December 13, 2008

Lil' Monkey

We definitely have a climber on our hands!! Here is the prelude to the pictures!!!

When we got the piano from my grandparents we had to rearrange our furniture in our livingroom. Of course, the wall I wanted it on was going to be the other focal wall of the room and it covers our cable outlet. We arranged the furniture several different ways and came up with an arrangement that we both liked.

I guess before going on, I should explain something...when we moved in, we never took into consideration the banisters and stairway. My dad rigged something up to cover the stairs and banister to prevent Kayin falling down due to her petite size. So, when the piano came, we moved the t.v. cabinet along the banister.

Well, today I was doing dishes and Kayin was playing in the living room and I noticed movement by the cabinet. I went into the living room and she had CLIMBED ONTO THE CABINET AND WAS READY TO CLIMB ON THE T.V.!!!!! You see, the t.v. is even with our banister and in a split second, she could have had a life-threatening fall over the railing and down the stairs!! Needless to say, the dishes were put on the back burner until I figured out a new arrangement for the living room.

As you can see by these pictures from our new arrangement, she has it figured out and the rest of the morning, we had a couple of time-outs with much explaining of how dangerous it is...

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Sharon Brinkmeyer said...

Kayin, Are you pretending on being on TV???