Sunday, January 4, 2009


We were blessed to have Justin's parents and brother's family here for the holidays. It was great spending some time with all of them. We were able to take C, A, and the boys on a tour of Lincoln and they really enjoyed the stadium. They were totally impressed!! Kayin got to play with her cousins and she became "one of the boys" for the week.


Meghan said...

You ARE blessed! What a great family...I can imagine how much fun Kayin had playing with her cousins. How nice to have some built-in playmates for a week!

Love the picture with her and Josh!

Sharon Brinkmeyer said...

It was GREAT having everyone together for the holiday; especially gratifying for us to see the 3 "lights of our lives"--our precious grandchildren enjoying each other!!Nothing is more important to us than our family!!
Grandma & Grampa