Sunday, January 25, 2009

Nibbles Cafe

Here we are with Kevin, Shannon and Brianna and The Nibble's Cafe.

Kayin and Brianna have the technique, don't they??!!

Here is Kayin being the conductor in the "pod" with the train set.
Brianna and Kayin enjoying some time at the "pod" with the chalkboard wall.

Here they are in the kitchen "pod" playing with the puppies.

While we were visiting with Shannon and Kevin we decided we all would try a new "restaurant" in Wheeling called "The Nibbles Cafe". The concept is amazing and has the potential to become big!! I kept thinking over the weekend if this would be a place that would go over in Lincoln. Basically, it's a kid friendly restaurant with one side being the orderng/eating and the other side with about 7 "pods" or areas designed for social play skills. Every day, the owner tries to get in an act, whether it be musical, drama, interactive, whatever, but the girls had a blast!! Who would have thought to paint one entire wall with chalkboard paint and have kids go at it with their creativity??!!

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Meghan said...

Definitely an interesting concept and looks awesome for kids. How fun!