Sunday, July 5, 2009

Vacation--Part One

I figured on a rainy day the best thing to do would be to blog and post some pictures from the vacation. I will kind of recap some of the trip highlights so far (warning--long post ahead)!!

1. We started our journey down to Missouri on Friday morning. We all got a great night's sleep and had a nice breakfast before heading down the road. We had quite an interesting start--Kayin screamed for about the first 45 minutes and then fell sleep. Luckily, to our advantage, I caught up on a new book and Justin listened to a new CD. As we continued on, Kayin progressively got more fussy. We stopped for lunch and Nana took Kayin into the restroom -- she came out complaining that her ear hurt. We took a look, nothing was out of sorts (not running a fever, no rashes), so we headed about a mile to get gas. As I got out of the car to check on Kayin, I noticed that she had drainage out of her right ear. Needless to say, I was a little panicked. Here we were, en route to our destination in the middle of nowhere and how in the world was I going to get medication to my little girl? We had just seen the doctor about two weeks ago for her 2-year checkup and everything was fine. So, I called our doctor's office and of course, they were closed due to the holiday. Luckily there was a number for a triage nurses station at our local hospital. I called, no answer....hmmmm...what to do? Here we are, on the way to what we were hoping was going to be a great vacation but know doubts are running through my head. I called my mom and we pulled over and the only other option was to call 9-1-1. I called and they were going to send an ambulance...really??!! In the back of my mind I knew that we didn't need an ambulance, just a doctor who would prescribe a medication to Walgreens in Osage Beach--just down the street from where we were staying. After about an hour and a half of dealing with a screaming child we FINALLY had a call back from the on-call doctor and thankfully, he prescribed medication to Kayin!!! However, I am still a little concerned--she has been on medication for almost two full days and she is still having drainage. It's times like these that you wish you were in the comfort of your own home!

2. On our way down to the Ozarks, we stopped and had a picnic lunch outside of a fireworks "superstore". This was a sight we saw as we were eating out of the back of Uncle Joshy's truck...anyone care to explain??!! :)

Kayin enjoying a picnic lunch with Auntie Maggie in the back of Uncle Joshy's pickup...notice the hasn't changed since we have gotten here!

3. Vintage Landing (the condo units that we are staying at) hosted a luau yesterday (July 4th) at noon and the boys had a great time getting ready!!! We had found this little luau outfit for Kayin at Target before vacation and couldn't resist!!


Meghan said...

Poor Kayin! I hope she's feeling better - nothing's worse than an ear infection on vacation - we had a similar situation when we came to Omaha in November - not fun!

LOVE the picture of the girl smoking by the No Smoking sign - classic, and the luau boys (and girl!) looked very nice. Hilarious!

The Brink Blog said...

Isn't it though--my sister in law has even a better picture by the front door!! It's quite comical!! :)

Yes, Kayin is finally doing much better! The antibiotic switch and ear drops seem to be doing the trick!