Thursday, July 2, 2009

Oh Where Oh Where has Our Little Girl Gone??!!

Tonight, as I was doing my routine "check on Kayin" I realized that she had completely covered herself in her blankets!! Then, as I uncovered them to double check that she was okay, I found a couple of her stuffed animals IN BED WITH HER!!! She is such a little sweetie!!
Also, just letting everyone know that we are heading out in the morning for vacation and I am hoping that we can update the blog on vacation...if not, just know that there will be a TON of pictures to share!!

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Meghan said...

Iris sleeps with about 50 stuffed animals every night, and while the nightly routine of transporting all them to her bad sometimes makes me crazy, it is, indeed, super sweet to see her sleeping peacefully with them. Lydia just started sleeping with a couple of her babies, and I love watching her tenderly tuck them in at bedtime.:)

What a cute pic of Kayin snoozing!