Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Our house is starting to look like Christmas! I have been busy decorating here and there the last couple of weeks and since our color is silver, most likely will stay up until after January! Of course you don't get the full effect when you can't see the white lights in person, but on some nights, I go out to the living room to just look at the twinkling white lights on the tree and gaze at the nativity scene. This year, we are really talking with Kayin about the meaning behind Christmas. Although she thinks it's mostly about presents, she is starting to understand the story of Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus.

I had found this idea in a catalog a couple of years ago and came across silver ornaments at Hobby Lobby 75% off last year...completely forgot I had them, but they decorate our "family" wall perfectly!
Here is what we call our "family" wall. We have taken some pictures on the Brinkmeyer side and are waiting to have some taken with the Lees side. Hopefully after the holidays, we will be able to arrange the pictures in some sort of family tree fashion (the shelves will not NOT be relocating...although they look great, they are a pain in the a** to put up)!!!

Here is the nativity seen on top of our tv cabinet. It takes center stage!!
Due to the new furniture, our tree had to find a new home in the corner! I have always had the tree in front of the window but this new location is working out quite well!

Downstairs sofa table decorated with santa, garland, and Christmas tree. We have a total of 6 trees downstairs (and they aren't all full size either)!!

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Sharon Brinkmeyer said...

Your house looks GREAT!! its an inspiration to me to get my stuff up!! Kayin's things look really cute and I'm sure she'll grow up with the same enthusiasm and "style" as you!!