Tuesday, January 19, 2010

10 on Tuesday

1. Apparently my child thought that homemade chili and cinnamon rolls was not sufficient enough for dinner this evening! She decided to try a little marker...blue washable to be exact!

2. I have done something to my back and have been in excruciating pain the last week and a half. I started physical therapy last week (and come to find out that my PT is a son of an old family friend) and these sessions are brutal! The first night, I found myself heading to bed around 8:10!! Imagine having your finger jammed...but your vertebrae instead. Putting it into English terms for all of you. To make matters worse, I have a tilted pelvis! I have about 10 exercises/stetches that I do on a daily basis and I must say that the cold and damp weather isn't helping any!

3. We are packing up and heading out for our annual ski trip this weekend. This is the first time Kayin will be a "true" passenger in her carseat in her own seat on the plane. We are trying to pack everything into carryon luggage (we fly out early Friday and return late Sunday) so if you are flying this weekend and see a crazy daddy trying to man handle two carryons, a carseat, a three year old, and a gimping mom, that will probably be us!

4. We SURPRISED daddy this weekend for his birthday! Although I felt miserable I know how important birthdays are for me and wanted to do something special for Justin. At the last minute (partially due to how I am feeling with my back) I decided to ask his manager if she could schedule him until close -- sorry babe but it's the only way it was going to work! As people got off of work, they headed over to a nearby establishment. Kayin and I surprised him with balloons at work, sang happy birthday to him and decided to take him "out to eat". If he wouldn't have kept on prying with where to eat, I am pretty sure we would have pulled it off. However, he figured out that there was something going on for me to be pretty adament about going to OC!!

5. Today was a plan day and I am feeling more overwhelmed with what I need to get done before we leave! Good thing I went in yesterday for about 4 hours!

6. Have I mentioned that we are flying to Chicago for the ski trip?! Yes, I think I did! But, the one part I am missing is that after the flight we then get to ride in a car for almost four hours. My PT isn't too thrilled about this but HIGHLY recommended that we stop every 30-45 minutes for me to get out and stretch. I would love to say to have a strong drink waiting for me by the time we get there, but a nap may be more what the doctor ordered!

7. I have never waited this long to completely finish my report cards. Goal=get them done before we leave Thursday for Omaha. (Not so sure that will happen but I am hoping)!!

8. Kayin is surprising us more and more each day with her vocabulary, questions, and wishes at the wishing well where my Grandmother is right now for rehabilitation.

9. My back is starting to stiffen up....

10. So I must finish this post, do my stretches, and HEAD TO BED!

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