Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Snapshots of Ski Trip

Our friends Jess and Justin live outside of Omaha near the airport. The girls played a little "beauty shop" and Kayin got her nails painted! I think it is safe to say that the girl LOVES to have her nails done and adores anyone that can put a pretty flower with a sparkle on her nail!! Thanks guys for the great laughs....decided against putting up the pictures from the Wii experiences!! Anyone want a banana? Here we are waiting for the airplane at about 6:00 in the morning. Kayin was a trooper and couldn't wait to board!
Kayin and daddy waiting for the take-off!! Kayin is becoming a veteran with flying! She has been flying ever since she was about 6-weeks old. She didn't cry or fuss ONE time on the plane. She was asking all sorts of questions and was very intrigued by all the new buttons!!

My child...yup...can't stand to have ANYTHING on her feet. I think on this particular leg of the trip she had taken off her shoes and socks (even though they were double knotted), rolled her pant legs up, and was "picking the fuzzies" out of her toes! At least we didn't find them in her mouth!!

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