Tuesday, April 20, 2010

10 On Tuesday

10. We have had a rough couple of weeks around the Brinkmeyer household and Saturday we forgot about everything and enjoyed a family day! The Husker Spring Game was on Saturday and who would have thought that the Spring Game would be a sold out event! The mobs of people downtown were amazing to see and the "sea of red" was definitely present! Kayin had a blast and was thrilled to see "Coach Bo", Suh, and the "Big Red Band"!!

9. Gearing up for the big party on June 5th has found me finding TONS, and I mean TONS of decorating ideas for the luau! The invites are officially done and several things have been ordered...thank goodness school is out on June 4th!

8. Kayin loves to spend time outside and I think if she could, would stay all day/all night out there! Our fantastic neighbors split up their hostas and we now have nine hostas spread around the back yard. All we need are the planters boxes to magically fill up and ground cover along the back...which another friend is delivering to the house today! :)

7. We worried about switching Harper's dog food...but have had no problems! He loves it and so do we at $15.00 cheaper for a large bag!!

6. Had a great friend from Illinois (actually a high school buddy of Justin's) stop by and stay a couple of nights...always great to see him!

5. Speaking of which...we had the most AMAZING dinner last night and I DIDN'T HAVE TO COOK...yup, you heard me right! It felt so wonderful to come home with the aroma of ribs braising in the oven and the hubby telling me everything as taken care of! The ribs were out of this world -- and whatever concoction the two of them used was delicious!! We also cooked up some rosemary/garlic/olive oil potatoes on the grill...YUMMO!!!

4. What is it with a three year old waking up in the middle of the night and crawling into bed with you?! Although I love cuddling with her, it is becoming a pattern and last night at 2:00 she tells us she wants a princess bed...do ya' think princess sheets would be okay and grant that request?!

3. Really hoping the rain stays away today so I can go and plant some ground cover in the back yard....

2. Running out of things to say...

1. I have a huge pile of papers staring at me that I could be grading during lunch so I can enjoy Kayin tonight...guess I'll get a marker and start checking!!

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