Friday, April 16, 2010

Go Big Red

As I type this tonight, we keep hearing the pitter patter of little feet...I have a feeling telling Kayin that we are going to see the "Big Red Band" tomorrow has got her all excited and she won't be able to sleep!

There is something about living in a small city where college football is what everyone lives for and quite honestly, it brings about a new life in the city! I remember going last year tto the Spring Game simply to tailgate and was SHOCKED and overwhelmed at the crowd and mobs of people! It was as if you were standing in a season game and the "sea of red" was all around you! Last year was the first year we really got into the football games and mostly went down to listen to the band, tailgate, and hang out with some great people! Tomorrow will be the kick of it all with the Spring Game! Justin has the day off and we are making a day of it! Can't wait to see the excitement on Kayin's face when we walk through those gates of Memorial Stadium! Stay tuned for pictures! We'll see how long she lasts up in the stadium but for $10.00 a ticket...couldn't pass that up!


Carolyn said...

And we can't either. Amazing how she loves that band. Sure hope they are there tomorrow. :)

The Brink Blog said...

us too!! we could be in big trouble if they aren't! i know they were there last year because i remember seeing them walk by as we ate out the back of grandpa's car!