Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Rain Rain Go AWAY!!!!

Dear Mother Nature,

I know you may be going through menopause right now, BUT PLEASE.GO.AWAY!!!! I don't mind that you send Mr. Rain along, as he is providing the nourishment for all our flowers, plants, and garden seedlings, but I am over it...D.O.N.E with the rain!!

We have had our furnace on all week (despite the hubby's wishes) and all I want to do is cuddle in bed and do nothing!! Which, as you know, is not in the vocabulary or mind set of a teacher the last three weeks of school!!!

I did however, spend some time deep cleaning a few closets, bathrooms and organized another shelf in Kayin's room due to the sloppy mess outside not to mention the delightful streams of light and booming thunder around 4:45 this morning!

I could go on and on just like you, but please, send some warmer temperatures our way....AND SOON!!!!

The Brinkmeyers

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