Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Things I am Thankful For (just to name a few)

I know it's Tuesday...but...I'm feeling like my blog is getting a little dreary...so here is a list of what I am thankful for (in no specific order)
1. Justin and Kayin's sweet faces
2. sunshine
3. waking up with Kayin snuggled between the two of us
4. my parents
5. Justin's parents
6. the park
7. going out with friends
8. Friday night Art Walks here in Lincoln
9. being part of a bigger picture
10. good music/dancing
11. text messaging
12. looking forward to church on Sundays
13. ice
14. having a coworker who wants to co-teach Kindergarten next year
15. having Kayin play make-up with me
16. singing
17. ice cream and brownies
18. spending time with my grandparents
19. flower pots filled to the brim with flowers
20. God's word, and the peace it gives my heart
21. outdoor shopping malls
22. bagels
23. hugs
24. scrapbooking
25. watching Kayin talk to her babies when she doesn't know I'm listening
26. lakes
27. my new flip flops
28. old friends
29. my new lip gloss
30. conversations at the dinner table
31. swinging with Kayin on the porch swing
32. fake laughing with Kayin, which always turns into real hysterical laughing
33. My brother and his wife
34. Justin's brother and his family

The list could go on, but I'm tired and need my beauty sleep...