Sunday, November 7, 2010


26 weeks and counting...and yes, I still have 16 weeks to go. Not sure how considering I am continuing to grow at a fast pace. With our first pregnancy, I was really good with emailing everyone pictures on a weekly basis. However, now with our family blog and facebook capabilities, that doesn't happen. This pregnancy has proven to be COMPLETELY DIFFERENT than the first one!

* I had some difficulties with spotting until around 16-weeks

* Continue to have "morning sickness" (although I have it morning, noon, and night)

* Was diagnosed with gestational diabetes (which has had its perks...have lost weight due to really watching what I am eating). Numbers aren't horrible and OBGYN isn't too concerned, but being preventive before the possibility of them getting that way.

* Starting to have the oddest cravings...didn't really have any with Kayin--just wanted fruit and salad ALL THE TIME with her. Don't even want to tell you what I have been craving with this lil' guy!


* My boobs....well, they HURT and we are hoping that it's a good sign (hopefully this time I will be able to breastfeed and won't be too stressed out for my milk not to come in...with Kayin, there were so many things going on that my milk never did come in)

* Having some major back issues early on in the pregnancy has sent me to Motherhood Maternity for a fashion "belt" for bellies....but I am telling you, the sucker WORKS!!! Takes so much pressure off my back and actually has helped me walk !

The list could go on and on but considering that the time change happened last night and it is really 9:30 instead of 8:30 I see on our clocks...I better get to bed! That's the other thing...did I mention I am TIRED ALL THE TIME??!!

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