Sunday, December 5, 2010


We have been planning and deciding on lots of little things for the lil' man's bedroom and I think we have finally agreed on major being his name!!We aren't telling the name until he is born (but if you are close, most likely, Kayin will tell you his name). When Kayin was born I scored some wooden letters at Hobby Lobby and painted them to go with her bedding. Fortunately, as I was walking around Hobby Lobby last weekend on Black Friday, I scored...AGAIN!!! This time, the letters are finished with an antique look and all we have to do is hang them on the wall!!! And yes, for those of you who are guessing, his first name will start with a "K"...and don't worry, the sex hasn't changed! It was confirmed again last week with another ultrasound.
I have been reading a blog of a friend and they are adopting a little boy from Ethopia and she recently made a mobile for his room. I got this idea from her and although it took a little longer to make, we are completely in LOVE with it!! His room is really starting to come together and we can't wait to see all the pieces in place!
If you couldn't tell by the vintage name sign, we are going with a vintage/antique look in the room. I scored these at my parents place...planning on filling them with marbles or something of that sort, but they are awfully hard to come by.
When we found out we were having a girl the first time around, we had no problem picking out bedding (a shout of to Pottery Barn Kids) and coordinating accents. However, this time around, it was proving to a daunting task. Justin suggested this fabric and as I kept looking at it, it grew on me! So, we bought enough yards to make curtains, a bed skirt, and a crib bumper...on my grandma's sewing machine that I acquired right before she passed away.
These are the curtains with the pattern fabric at the bottom. We were going to paint the room, but with all the accessories, it's coming together!


Meghan said...

Cute, Jess! Is it all finished now? How's Kayin liking her new room?

Kindergarten Team said...

Kayin's room has been put together for awhile. The baby's room has lots to go, but getting there. Once we add the wall art, it will look better! Kayin loves her new room--we were surprised at how quickly she adjusted to sleeping downstairs.