Friday, December 31, 2010

Random Thoughts on New Year's Eve

As I sit and type this, my body is telling me I am not tired....who would have thought I would still be up at 10:15 New Year's Eve?!

Justin and I were talking tonight about how our lives have changed just in the past five years! We remember when I first moved to Illinois, how we always had to go out for New Year's and bring in the new year with a few cocktails.

We also talked about our memories in Joliet at Bobby's Tap one year--I think that was the year we walked home and made a pit-stop and the infamous Joe's Hot Dogs for some late night snacks!

This year has definitely been one to remember and we are looking forward to 2011!! We lost my mom's mother on September 23rd (seems just like yesterday). My mom's mother was here in Lincoln at Madonna Rehabilitation Center and there wasn't a day that went by that we didn't stop and visit...Kayin even knew the directions coming home from daycare. The day she headed home in June was bittersweet--so lucky she was able to go home for some time, but yet hard on us to not have those visits with her at Madonna. When word came that she had to have another surgery three months later, we knew she had a tough road to fight. She fought until she had no more fight in her... she had family by her side the whole time supporting her.

Our little bundle of joy will arrive sometime in February and if all goes well, his birth day will be February 22nd. It's kind of crazy to think that we are having a boy...we are hoping I can make it to full term without going on bedrest. Kayin is looking forward to being a big sister and keeps asking if I "am done making him yet"!

Christmas Eve, my brother and his wife announced that they are expecting a baby in July!!! We couldn't be happier!!! Kayin will have lots of practice by then!

We hope to post some pictures soon! We went through our camera and realized it's been some time since we have put any up!

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