Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Catch Up Time!!

Whew, I didn't realize that it had been such a long time since I had blogged and posted pictures! We have been busy preparing for the lil' man and the month of January has seemed to FLY by!!
I haven't been really good at posting belly pictures...but here is one that Kayin took of my growing belly!! I think this was around 32 weeks.

The hospital that we are delivering lil' man at offered a SUPER SIBLING class. We signed up Kayin and if you can't tell by her face...she was ECSTATIC about everything she learned! Not sure what she liked more...learning about the boy parts, seeing the nursery, or holding the baby on the tour of the labor and delivery floors! Mommy and Daddy couldn't believe the size of the rooms as well as the ammenities they offer!!
Practicing her skills of feeding
Making sure she holds the head
Practicing her diapering skills...she looks like a pro!!
The baby was anatomically correct and her first thought was, "he has a tail!"

I caught Kayin reading to her babies in the lil' man's room one night. She was reading them bedtime stories. We are pretty sure she wants to start counting down the days until her little brother arrives.

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