Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Lil Man's Room

Well, the room is almost complete! We are just waiting on the delivery of our "man cave" chair, (this time, instead of a rocker, we decided to go with a leather recliner that rocks...Justin says the only thing now he needs in the room is a flat screen and he is good to go) bed sheets, and possibly one more art print. We have had fun decorating and scouring the antique shops here in Lincoln to find all sorts of goodies (just like we did with Kayin's room when we were waiting her arrival).These canvases have been around the block a time or two. They started out as an art project in Kayin's play area downstairs before she moved down there. Next, they became her headboard and were covered with coordinating fabrics to her Pottery Barn bedding set. Now, we have tore off the fabric and used coordinating paint colors to fit in with the ROUTE 66 fabric we are using in the room. We took the 7 states that the highway traveled through and labeled the cities. Of course, they aren't 100% perfect, but that's what creativity is all about!
This is the ladder shelf that was in Kayin's room prior to her moving downstairs with new furniture. We have searched and scoured local antique shops to find all these vintage goodies! We wanted to go with a theme that we won't have to change out as he grows...and it's been fun creating all the memories as we shop around!
Good thing my mom has some sewing experience because I am not sure I would have been able to tackle the bedskirt like she did!! It was a daunting task, but after searching for the fabric (which Justin found by the way) we dove in and took a chance. The pleats were the hardest, but we think it turned out just dandy!
Found a tutorial online on how to make this mobile...I will honestly say, it took a bit longer than I had expected it to, but used the left over ROUTE 66 fabric from the curtains, bedskirt, and bumper pads along with some coordinating fabric and WAOLA...you have a mobile!
This piece has been around the block a time or two as well. We picked it up at a garage sale the first summer we were here and kept in in our room until we decided it was a quilt rack. Then, it got a coat of paint to go in Kayin's room (again...before she moved downstairs to her new room) and now it's in lil' man's room serving as the same purpose for some knick knacks we have come across.

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