Wednesday, April 13, 2011

10 on Tuesday

I know it is Wednesday again before I am posting this, however we have had a few busy days...went to visit some friends in Omaha, headed to the doctor, scheduling appointments, and spending a TON of time outside (supposedly it is to snow outside this weekend!)

10. Kendyn loves to be talked to and all of the 3 month developmental milestones recommended by our doctor, he is already doing. Cooing, smiling, responding back to
someone talking, lifting head and neck up during tummy time...hopefully it will continue!

9. I couldn't ask for a better daddy for my two children. He not only is a great daddy but a great husband. Both his children adore him and although he wants to be done having kids, I am indifferent about this subject. :)

8. Kayin and I found these...for A the dollar bins at Target. Hoping to get them started inside and transplanted outside when this "supposed" snow is past! Nothing can beat fresh herbs from the garden!
7. If you have a Sam's membership...GO AND PICK THESE UP!!! I usually don't promote business for a local company, however, these are DELISH!!!! And they are healthy for you!! I have been craving chips for the last couple of weeks and these hit the spot (and have much fewer calories!
6. The Spring Game is this weekend (although it is supposed to snow) and daddy has to work. :( We will miss him, but Kayin has been looking forward to this since last Fall. She is just too young to justify spending $50+ for a ticket not knowing if she will sit through the whole game. This is the perfect opportunity for her not to only see and listen to the Big Red Band, but also to go in through those magical gates into Memorial Stadium.
5. We recently went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast and I found these little gems! Perfect for place settings with dyed Easter eggs...and....they were only a BUCK!!
4. Need I say more?? You wouldn't know it by this sweet, sleeping face, however....we have had some sleepless nights here at the Brinkmeyer household. Neither kiddo has been acting their normal, cheery self, so, we headed to the doctor this morning and this lil' nugget has an ear infection...BOOOOO!!! Who knew that an almost 2-month old could get these?! (They must come in pairs because Kayin has one as well and we see an ENT next week to discuss repeat tube insertion). He has gained just over a pound in about 2 weeks--weighed in at 11 pounds today (he did have his clothes on, but not sure if that would make much of a differenct).
3. For the first time this Spring, we are witnessing the blossoming of our beautiful magnolia tree in our backyard! In the past, the weather changes to 65+ temps and then suddenly, drops to a mere 25-30 degrees and without fail, kills the blossoms! However, with the weather changing, once again, rapidly this weekend, not sure how much more we will get out of the tree.
2. I LOVE HER!!! Kayin and Daddy were outside and when she rushed into the living room, she entered with this "flower from the tree". I asked her why she had picked it for me and she said, "Because I love you and you are special to me. Plus, you are my mommy!"
1. This is not a gas smile! This child LOVES to smile and coo!! Not ready to leave it in a couple of weeks when I head back to school! Oh well, my friend "A" will get to enjoy him!!!

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