Wednesday, April 6, 2011

10 on Tuesday

10 on Tuesday (okay, it's really Wednesday but yesterday went way too fast)!!

10. I have adjusted to having two children and life is WONDERFUL!! I couldn't ask for anything more...other than to be a stay at home mom! I go back to work in two weeks and it doesn't seem possible that at that time, Kendyn will be 8-weeks and we will only have 4 weeks of school left!
9. Found this little outfit at Gap and he looks quite handsome...and like a little man!
8. Our friends came over last week for a birthday party/visit with friends from CA and "J" got Kayin hooked on getting tattoos!! The only downside is that she wants them to be permanent and fights to take a bath!
7. Have I mentioned that life is WONDEFUL with two children and the adjustment has been without any major problems (except for those bags under the eyes)??!!
6. Can't resist this sweet little head in a knitted hat we picked up the week he was born...
5. And can't resist this little smile and the excitement any time we go to the mall and ride the carousel!
5. Kendyn got his first experience dying Easter eggs!!

4. Not sure how much you can tell, but when Kayin was 6-weeks old, we ventured to Myrtle Beach and I unearthed this picture. Kendyn is a spitting image of his sister at that age. It will be interested to see how he changes...or doesn't compared to Kayin!
3. Our child has major air in his lungs...exhibit A: Kendyn in his crib (do you see the object in the lower right hand corner)
Exhibit B: Kendyn's pacifier...
Exhibit C: My pointing to the pacifier that Kendyn "shot" out of his mouth!!
2. Someone got ahold of the spatula when we made cupcakes last week...I hope they were good!

1. I have thoroughly enjoyed spending my maternity leave with the kids. Its amazing how fast time has flown!! It's also amazing to see the love that my children already have for each other. I am going to miss waking up to a cup of coffee having a deep conversation with Kayin and then holding my baby as we do so!

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