Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Fourth of July!!

Kayin had her first lake experience this 4th of July. We have some friends in Lincoln who have friends that own a cabin at Lake Wauconda oustide of Union, Nebraska and were invited to join them for the 4th! This was the first year in what we think has been about 4 years Justin had the 3rd and the 4th off!! She enjoyed many "firsts" this trip and we must honestly say that it was so much fun to see her excitement!! Is this picture, we are getting ready to go out for a morning boat ride. Kayin was amazing...the minute we put her in a life jacket she was ready to go. (She must take after her Unlce Joshy with water!!) She didn't fuss about wearing a life jacket and by the end of the two days, had it down pat where to put all her extremities!!

The picture above is with her friend Mia, in what may be the best invention to get kids to laugh!! A hammock!! These girls had so much fun and I am doing some troubleshooting to figure out how to insert a video from our camera because to hear their laughter is hysterical!! The picture below shows her swimming with daddy on the right and our friend Jenni with her daughter Mia.

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