Tuesday, October 13, 2009

10 on Tuesday

Okay, so here I go....several of my friends post a "10 on Tuesday" list of accomplishments, thoughts, things to do...you name it, so I thought I would give it a try. There won't be any pictures on this list since this is one for mommy! :) However, I am trying to unearth the CD of downloaded baby pictures of Kayin to post a couple...they are precious to look at and we get smiles all around!

10. Thinking to myself, "How am I going to get all of this done?? Meaning: report cards, SPED paperwork, report cards, appraisal information, report cards, laundry, report cards, plans for upcoming holidays, REPORT CARDS??!!?" Yes, did you notice a theme? I want so badly to be done with report cards before we leave for Chicago next Thursday!

9. Kayin asked the other day when she could have a baby brother or sister. When I told her she would have to share her room, she explained to me that she could move downstairs and have the basement all to herself...interesting!

8. How can it be that you can spend 6 hours at your job on a Sunday afternoon, return on a Monday for a plan day and still have a list a mile long of things you want to accomplish?

7. Splurged and bought new MaryKay lip gloss the other day...LOVE IT!!!

6. Should so be in bed as a type this, but promising myself to at least post on Tuesday for ME.

5. Thought it was so nice that my hubby had dinner ready for me tonight when I walked in the door at 6:00...Thanks Mr. J.!!

4. One of our best friends from Chicago is getting married next weekend and we are counting down the days when we get to see everyone! I have mixed emotions about going...I have a feeling it will be hard to leave them all! We created such wonderful friendships out there and we miss everyone dearly!

3. Our daughter is becoming quite the little charmer. Tonight, she looks at me, asks if I would like to cuddle with her on the chair in the living room, and drug out my favorite fleece tie blanket (which by the way, you can never have enough of those laying around)!!

2. Slowly but surely crossing items off of our Christmas "TO BUY" list! Hoping that we can actually be done before "BLACK FRIDAY" so maybe we can take advantage of the deals for ourselves this year!

1. Can't wait for Nana to get Kayin's Halloween costume done! I have a feeling it's going to be pretty hard to top this year! (Not like we have had that many...) My mom has now officially become the "costume maker" for Kayin's yearly trick-or-treating adventures. I can only imagine how adorable she is going to look on October 31st!!

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