Sunday, October 4, 2009

Catch Up Time!

Okay, before I start people, please remember that I DO WORK FULL TIME!! I am trying my best to keep up with the blog, but I know all of you reading this have all been there before! Some days I feel like I am barely swimming!

And, I know, you all want to see pictures of Kayin, but guess what...not this blog--you will have to wait until tomorrow. I thought I had taken some cute ones today, but the camera went kaput on me and I have no idea what happened. So, instead, here are the activities that our WONDERFUL daycare provider has been doing with the kiddos. Needless to say, Kayin is soaking everything up and has become even more verbal than what she already was!
So, I inserted the pictures in reverse order--guess that tells you all how tired I am! :)

G Week: Wrapping a gift -- she didn't do too bad!

F Week: Making a flower -- they painted a toilet paper tube green for the stem

E Week: Painting and coloring eggs -- Kayin talked about this project ALL WEEK!!!

C Week: Cookies (animal cookies glued on a train)

D Week: Dinosaur stamping -- the kids also got to make a "dinosaur fossil" necklace

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