Wednesday, October 7, 2009

As we were cleaning out some of Kayin's toys last week, she came across this dolly, one of many I must say! She noticed her piggy-tail braids and she asked me, "Mommy, can you make my hair look like hers?" I wasn't too sure it her hair was long enough, however once we got the braids done, THEY WERE ADORABLE!!!! Yuppers folks, her hair is long enough to do two braids--my next task is getting her to sit still long enough to do french braids on both sides!


Meghan said...

Isn't it crazy how grown up they start to look once their hair gets long? You'll have to post pics if you ever do the french braids. I remember the only french braids I could ever do were on my barbies...go figure! Someday I may work up the courage to try on Iris' hair!:)

Sharon Brinkmeyer said...

You sure look sweet, Kayin, in your "piggy' tails!!