Tuesday, November 3, 2009

10 on Tuesday

Oh to be back at work and in the swing of things...it never changes (OR SLOWS DOWN)!! It is 10:15 PM as I type my 10 on Tuesday because I vowed to myself that I WOULD GET THIS DONE TONIGHT! We had a wonderful Fall Break and enjoyed every minute of it...so I thought I would do a 10 on Tuesday reflecting on the past week and a half.

10. I will never drink wine again like I did Thursday night after arriving in Arlington Heights! It sure was fun but I was not feeling so hot throughout the night and Friday morning!

9. Visiting Aldrin (where I used to teach in Schaumburg) brought back some great "first teaching moments"! I saw many of my former students and realized that my first class are 8th GRADERS THIS YEAR!!! Time doesn't seem to be slowing down any!

8. Wearing heels and dancing all night at a wedding reception makes for some sore piggies the next day! It was a blast J & A and we had a great time! You made a beautiful couple and we were so happy to have been there to help you celebrate! S & K, thanks so much for your hospitality and letting us crash at your place...good times, good times!!!

7. Driving 10 hours in the car home from Chicago on Sunday and turning around to drive 7+ hours to the Ozarks with a 2-year-old made for an interesting car ride--but she was such a trooper!! We even stopped in Kansas City to have a photo shoot with a gal named Jen from JCooper Photograpy! Kayin had 7 outfit changes, took pictures for about 2 hours and was still going strong at the end! We saw the sneak peek and for the first time, the photography brought tears to my eyes. Have a feeling that the gallery pictures are going to be rather difficult to choose from!

6. Spending a week at the lake with no worries = PURE HAPPINESS AND SOLITUDE!!

5. Now granted, it rained a majority of the time, but it was so peaceful and calm down there! Thanks to Aunt Mimi for her wonderful home as well as spoiling us....just a little!! (Oh yes, and to Grandma Brinkmeyer for making the trip as well)!!

4. Found a new spot to go shopping at down at the Ozarks - Victorian Station -- Reminds me so much of the Canterbury Shoppe in Barrington where I used to work to have a little cash on the side (although most of my paycheck was spent right there at the boutique)!!

3. Cuddling with Kayin in the morning looking out on the water--could have done it every day!

2. Seeing the bond that Kayin has developed with Aunt Mimi is truly priceless! This will definitely be a yearly event (even if it does include blowing a million leaves around)!!

1. Kayin's favorite thing about vacation - "Jumpin' on the bed with Aunt Mimi, mommy!! It was so silly!!"


Meghan said...

How nice that you got to have such a great week together!

BTW: Thanks for the great Christmas idea using Iris' drawings. I think I'm going to see if I can scavenge some cool frames and see what I can do!:)

The Brink Blog said...

I think it's a great idea! And we will have to have "arts and crafts" nights together with the girlies when you move to town!! Kayin has really gotten into drawing and making all sorts of interesting things! I really think her daycare provider has started her creative touch!