Tuesday, November 10, 2009

10 on Tuesday

10. Can't imagine what the kids will be like after holiday break! These last two weeks have been crazy and we have had to review procedures and expectations over and over and over again!

9. Kayin has found a new love: LIP GLOSS and JEWELRY!!

8. Why is it that your body can't handle those late nights anymore? We tailgated for the Husker game and my oh my, it was a lot of FUN but definitely still feeling it! And can I mention how loud that stadium sounded!! It was absolutely crazy!

7. I must admit, have already started decorating for Christmas. Not really looking forward to the weather that goes with it, but there is just something about twinkling white lights!

6. Finished up yard work last week with a grand total of 30 BAGS OF LEAVES!! Luckily, our neighbor came and mulched on Sunday to get the rest that had fallen down.

5. Trying to be true to my word and not spend so much time on school work. Would love to be able to take a mental health day soon, but with a little one, those days are limited!

4. Justin's busy season is starting and we take advantage of every minute we can get together! Last night had a dinner as a family, which rarely happens this time of year!

3. Looking at Kayin's professional photo shoot pictures....we have some tough decisions ahead of us! She did an amazing job and it's just a shame that the kid doesn't like to be a ham for the camera!

2. Almost done with Christmas shopping--hopefully we will be able to take advantage of black Friday sales for us!!

1. Looking at everything that needs to get done before the upcoming holidays, have sat down and started making a list of what groceries need to be bought, what last minute gifts we need to purchase, what the menu is going to look like, and making doctors/photo appointments. The fun never ends!

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