Tuesday, November 17, 2009

10 on Tuesday

10. During our recent visit to Grand Island, Nana had to witness Kayin at her "finest". She tried explaining to me that she didn't want to take her shoes off and get ready for bed. When I gave her the choice of either going to bed with her shoes on or having me help her, she LAUNCHED a shoe across the room and exclaimed, "No, I don't want to." When I quickly turned and explained to her that it was not okay to throw her shoes, she went ahead and threw the other one! Needless to say, Nana was a bit surprised!

9. We have our selections for the pictures a friend took down in Kansas City and it wasn't an easy decision! She took some great photos and captured Kayin with her sweet, little innocent smile! Can't wait to get them and put them on display in the house.

8. My dear husband hung up out outside lights last week and it was so calming to drive up to our house with twinkling white lights shining! We have yet to do the bushes outside and I am hoping to get them done this week. Have a feeling the weather is changing, and soon!!

7. I frequently get headaches, but lately, the migraines have TAKEN OVER!!! For some reason, I tend to get a head cold along with migraines when the barometric pressure changes and the weather starts turning. I woke up Friday morning in severe agony and should have stayed home from school, but I perservered and made it through!

6. We went to church with my parents on Sunday and Kayin was an absolute doll!! She sat and sang, drew pictures, played the piana with Nana and went up for children's sermon. She even asked to go back next Sunday!

5. I am so excited about Thursday night! I am joining MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers). I have been talking with a couple of girls from work and I think this is something that I really need. Justin is getting into his busy time of the year and I need an outlet! This week we are making shoebox care packages for men and women overseas.

4. Kayin has found the presents under the tree...but knows NOT TO TOUCH THEM!! If she touches them, they go "bye bye" until Christmas.

3. As I sit here downstairs typing this, I can see four trees in my sight and a strand of garland on our sofa table. What would make it even better is if I had tomorrow off to spend the day with Kayin and Justin!

2. We are working on some crafty projects for Christmas gifts this year--can't wait to post some pictures!!! (will be awhile since it's awhile until Christmas...but we may post a "clue")

1. We are taking a family picture and will start working on our Christmas card and letter soon!! I haven't sent one out since I was pregnant with Kayin. Figured it's been a little while so I better keep people updated!

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